Now searching for a very special 2025 Senior girl to honor the memory of Reese Rios in what would have been her Senior year of high school and be our
Live. Like. Reese Senior Model Recipient.  

Live. Like.


Class of '25

Senior Model Recipient

A 2025 Senior girl who knew and loved Reese Rios and would like to help keep her memory alive in what would have been her Senior Year of High School.

Reese LOVED all things PICTURES and she was so excited to be a Senior Model one day that she convinced me to start a Junior Model program so we could start the model process early. Sadly, Hurricane Ida put a pause to that plan and I was never able to take portraits of Reese before her beautiful life was cut short in July of 2022, leaving her forever 15 and our community heart broken.  In an effort to send a signal to the Heavens that she is still with us in our hearts and minds, especially in what would have been her Senior Year, I am donating one spot in my 2025 Senior Model Team to a Live. Like. Reese applicant. To ensure that we are selecting the perfect recipient, Reese's family will review all applications and select the girl who they feel will best honor Reese's memory and is the right fit for this special award.

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