What to WEAR

Let’s get you feeling more confident and go over a few tips and pointers to help make your Senior Session perfect and all about YOU.

Senior Session Tips

Have you booked your Senior Session and have NO CLUE what to wear?

Knowing what to wear will make your photos look amazing. And planning your outfits early will ensure your Senior Session experience is unforgettable.

Having the RIGHT outfits for your Senior Session DOES make all the difference. No pressure right?!


Personality and Body Type

Because you are one of a kind, you want your pictures to reflect your personality. Choose outfits that represent who you are and allow you to feel like yourself.

Outfits that are comfortable are always best. Feeling comfortable lets you focus more on the session and less about clothes fixes.



When you feel good about the way you look and wear outfits that compliment your shape, your final photos will be amazing. Feeling self-conscious about an outfit? Don’t wear it.


I’m a huge promoter of self-love, but let’s be real… we all have parts of our body that we don’t want featured. Find outfits that compliment the areas of your body that you DO like.


Steer clear of outfits that have no shape and are too boxy or baggy. Make sure you show that shape! Find outfits that work well with the curves that God gave you.



Tops, Bottoms, Dresses… HELP!

Choosing the right outfit for your senior session can be overwhelming. There are so many outfit options to pick from. So how do you narrow them all down to a perfect few? Knowing how many outfits you need is where you should start. I recommend 4 outfits for my 3-hour sessions and 2 outfits for my mini sessions. Let’s break it down further..


Pants allow you the most variety in poses. I especially love a great pair of jeans! Senior pictures often involve shooting in locations that don’t have chairs, benches or stairs to sit properly on. Most of the time you are sitting on curbs, squatting low to the ground and having to make use of whatever the location gives you.

Variety in posing really makes a great overall gallery of images. I highly recommend wearing no less than 1 outfit with pants.

Style Tip:


So many options! Where do I start?!?

Be mindful of what the top is featuring. Avoid tops that are extremely low cut or too revealing. Remember that these pictures are often being shown to family and friends. You want them to see YOU and not be distracted by what you are wearing. 

When top shopping, be mindful of what undergarments would work best.

Style Tip:

And remember to just say NO to Sports Bras on senior picture day! They really do not work well in pictures. At all. Ever.

Dresses & Skirts

Really anything goes.
Wear dresses and skirts that make you feel beautiful.

A dress with no waistline is risky, and your senior session is not the place to experiment. If you have curves, it’s best to accent them. If you have a super slender build, the waist being accented is not as important.

Be conscious of the hem length. Too short of a hem can make it difficult to feel comfortable during the shoot. 

Style Tip:


MORE Outfit Tips

Turn one outfit into two great looks by adding a blazer, jacket or sweater.

Choose outfits that are a mix of casual and dressy to offer more variety. Examples: Dresses & skirts = dressy. Jeans and any top = casual.

Get more looks with layers

Bring both dressy & casual looks

Avoid fabrics that are prone to wrinkling or cling to you in unflattering ways.

Fabric matters

Wear the right clothing for the season. If a session is in January, leave the spaghetti strap sundress at home. Trust me. Your non-chattering teeth will thank you.

Check the weather

Homecoming Court nominee? Feature it. If you were honored with being on your school’s Homecoming Court and you loved your suit, wear it. It makes a great addition to your gallery and accurately represents a special moment in your senior year.

Cheer, Dance, Band or Sports? If you want to feature it.. pick your uniform as one of your outfits. Throw a cap and gown over it and make it even more cute and fun

Show off your accomplishments


Accessorize It

It's all in the details. The right accessories can really bring an outfit to life.


Hats have been all the rage and are a super popular accessory. Hats give us a fun prop to work with while posing.

Nail Polish

Wear neutral nail polish. Avoid loud or bright colors on your nails. We show your hands in several images. We want to notice your hands and nails, but not be distracted by them.


Jewelry trends have changed over the years. Most recently, earrings have been everything from big statement hoops to small subtle posts. Chains and bracelets have trended towards very small or none at all.

Should you bring your senior ring?

YES!! It’s a definite must bring to your senior session.

Style Tip:


Do’s and Dont’s

Solid colors are always safest. Patterns are also great as long as they are not overwhelming or too busy. Leopard and cheetah patterns are usually safe “busy” prints when used on only shoes and belt or if used as an overall pattern on a dress. Houndstooth or checkered patterns are usually best if in small print. Earth tones and Neutral colors are often the best in pictures.

Pops of color are great too but only if it’s your style. Lots of color controls the overall look of your senior pictures. Softer colors allow the pictures to feature YOU and the location’s background colors more. Just in case you were tempted…avoid neon colors (any color that was ever on a highlighter). Change up your colors in each outfit. If you want to step it up a notch, find colors and patterns that all work together.


Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup. I said it again because it’s THAT important. I can’t preach enough about professional hair and makeup. My stylists have perfected CAMERA-READY makeup. We have worked together for several years and they know exactly what needs to be done to have the pictures turn out the best for you.

Wondering what your pictures will look like with professional hair and makeup? If you love my work, then you love professional hair and makeup too.

I highly recommend allowing me to book your hair and makeup appointment for you. It’s a much more pleasant experience when everything is done for you. Trust me on this. Who doesn’t love a little pampering, right?! Being pampered and dolled up by a professional hair and makeup artist allows you to feel confident in how you look AND gives you the best overall experience on your session day.

Professional hair and makeup allows for more natural editing of your skin and hair. It’s the best way to avoid the possibility of over editing.

Shopping Tips

First go through your closet. You don’t have to go out and buy new clothes. You probably have the perfect outfits already purchased and tucked away in your closet.

If you really want to dive into shopping, I recommend searching through Instagram pages of your local clothing boutiques to get an idea on what’s popular in local fashion right now.

First go through your own closet

Check social media

If you want in-person help, visit a local boutique. They are usually happy to help style and select your outfits with you.

Use local stylists for help

If you want to go the online route, you have everything from Amazon to fun online boutiques. Just remember to read up on their return policies and expected shipping/arrival times. The last thing you need on senior session day is for your perfect outfits to be on a delivery truck somewhere. Not good.

Go online

Start planning your outfits at least ONE MONTH prior to your session. You don’t want to be scrambling to find the right thing to wear on the night before your session.

Shopping Tip:

Be Fabulous!

Be Bold. Be You.


Your senior year marks a very important part of your life. You are transitioning into a new life so you want to make sure that this time is memorable. The best way to remember this time in your life is through Senior photos. And the best way to make sure that your senior photos are AMAZING is to be well prepared and wear the right outfits.

Plan your outfits early. Include accessories that will show off your personality. And think about shape and color when deciding on the perfect outfits.

and, as always...