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What location should I pick for my senior session? This is the #1 question I'm asked by my seniors every year. Here's some helpful ideas and tips on picking the best location that fits your personality and style. 

Senior Session Tips

You booked your Senior Session and have NO CLUE which location to choose...

Choosing your session location is a huge part of planning for the perfect senior session experience. The location should represent your style and have lots of variety that gives a good mix of backgrounds in your pictures. Ideally, you want to pick a location that has variety within a close proximity.  The more traveling involved from point A to point B, leads to shortened shoot time and added stress. And do we want extra stress? Heck no!


South Louisiana


Baton Rouge Murals & Sculptures
Old State Capitol
New State Capitol
River Center

Baton Rouge Downtown

Baton Rouge Downtown has the most variety in a location. It allows for a multitude of different looks to match your style. It's full of colorful murals, a mix of contemporary and classic architecture and the best picture spots are just a short walk from each other.

Location Tip:

Location Ideas


L SU Botanic Gardens

Rose Garden, Wildflower Garden, Sunflowers Seasonal

If you're a senior who wants flowers, here's your location! LSU Botanic Gardens does really well in certain seasons. In the hotter months, you will have the sunflower fields blooming. Last year they bloomed into November. *Fall of 2022 isn't having the same luck. In 2021 the wildflowers were blooming into early November. In October of 2022, we experienced a very small amount of flowers. I believe this is due to a drought in the area. Before booking this location again, I plan to call ahead and inquire about the blooms before taking the drive.


LSU Botanic Gardens - Requires a photography permit and an appointment. Must be booked a few days in advance. **Permit fee charged

This location is one of my top faves. Anything goes with outfit choices here. Every color possible is here.

No photography permit required

City Park - Botanical Gardens -
Additional photography permit fee required. *I don't recommend booking here from Thanksgiving -January 1 due to Christmas in the Oaks

Location Tip:

Windrush Gardens

Beautiful location located on the same grounds at LSU Botanic Gardens. Windrush Gardens has an additional photography permit fee. Flowers are hit and miss at this location. It's very lush with lots of greenery.

Windrush Gardens -
Additional photography permit fee required. Must book appointment time in advance.

Location Tip:

Succulents, Flowers
Greenhouse, Beautiful Architecture, Historical

Super popular location in historic New Orleans City Park. The park is open year round. Botanical Gardens is only open Wed-Sun. 

Location Tip:

Lush Green Gardens
Rustic Fencing

City Park | Botanical Gardens.N OLA


City Park | Botanical Gardens - Additional Photography permit fee required. I don't recommend booking here from Thanksgiving - January 1 due to Christmas in the Oaks

Location Tip


Rip Van Winkle Gardens

*Mandy's Favorite Location

My absolute favorite location for sessions. I'm sorry but walking beside several peacocks will never get old! It's the most serene location I've been to. You feel like you've stepped out of Louisiana and landed in a tropical paradise. I love working with their staff. They are so friendly! They have the cutest gift shop with great souvenirs. They also have Cafe Jefferson looking over the water. If we leave early enough we can enjoy a nice lunch here before we start our session.

Popular Location, Friendly Staff, Peacocks, Restaurant, Gift Shop, Landscaped Gardens

Photography permit required. Great location if you love cactus (I LOVE CACTUS), flowers and beautiful landscaping. The peacocks are more active at certain times of the year but you will always see them there. They tend to show off their beautiful feathers more during mating season.

Location Tip


If you like urban looks, this is your spot! Downtown Lafayette is  a mix of urban and 50's retro vibes. Such a cool place.



Lafayette Downtown - It's a long drive here from Terrebonne and  Lafourche parishes, so be sure that you love this look.  

Location Tip:

Urban, 50's Vibe, Colorful, Murals


Waterfall, Plantation House Style, Contemporary Glass, Building, Country French Vibes

I love this new location! Well it's technically not new, but it's new to me and new to the seniors in our area.  You had me at "Waterfall!". It's a location that has 3 very different vibes. Hello variety!

ULL Alumni Center requires a photographer permit and we have to book in advance.. The two properties are located across the street from each other.  Super convenient.

Hilliard Art Museum &

U L L Alumni Center

Location Tip

More Location Choices Coming Soon

Feel free to look up these locations while waiting on my Location Guide to be completed.  

Longue Vue House & Gardens

Houmas House

Houma & Thibodaux 

Jungle Gardens at Avery Island

The French Quarter

St. Francsville - Rosedown Plantation

Be Fabulous!

Be Bold. Be You.


Your session location is an important part of your senior session experience. Taking the time to research your location options will help you feel better prepared for your session day and ensure that you are picking a location that fits your personality and style. 
Plan early = Senior happy

and, as always...