Jolie’s Rip Van Winkle Senior Session

I always say you can never have a bad day at Rip Van Winkle Gardens. Walking amongst peacocks is the most serene feeling and you are witnessing one of God’s most beautiful creations. It is my absolute favorite location for senior pictures. Jolie traveled all the way from Bad Axe, Michigan to take her senior pictures with me. She’s the third child in her family to do this! Her mom is originally from Lafourche parish. We took Jolie’s pictures in her junior year (last school year) and she’s now a Senior at Bad Axe High School. I meant to post her images earlier in the school year when she first became a senior. But I’m glad that I’m now able to blog post about her gorgeous pictures on the NEW Blog and she’s my 1st senior that I ever blog about for a session at Rip Van Winkle Gardens. She had so many peacocks in her pictures! They only get this close to us at certain times of the year. Sometimes I can’t catch them in a picture at all. We always see them, but they don’t “pose” for us every time. Jolie had a double lucky session day with peacocks showing off and the azaleas in bloom. The camera loved Jolie and her beautiful and fun-loving personality really shined through in her pictures. Check out her images!

Jolie Brown | 2023 Bad Axe High School Senior